Winter Bulls



All is has to do is begin to cool off from summer and we start thinking about elk hunting and about big bulls. The first leaves turn, bugles start to ring in every canyon and the rifle elk season is just around the corner. Winter Bulls will take you on a video tour of rifle elk hunting in the west!

Rifle hunts for bull elk in the west!

We have nine great hunts featured on this DVD. All of the hunts show huge bulls, the shots, and a lot of the country where we found them.

We will show you the west and the big bulls we found! From great private land hunts to phenomenal public land hunts, with bulls the way we see them in our dreams! Some fo these bulls will socre into the 380’s B&C. Not only is it fun to watch big old 6×6, 7×7’s, even 9×8 bulls, but we will bring the experience and hunting knowledge of good elk hunters and guides right to your screen.

There is no better way to learn about big winter bulls and few things more enjoyable than to watch big old bulls in their late season habitat!

60 Minutes All Fair Chase, Always

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