Thank you for visiting the Arizona Elk Outfitters. About our company.  Arizona Elk Outfitters mission is to provide the serious and discriminating trophy elk hunter with premium quality professional guiding and outfitting services. Professional guide service for all of the trophy elk hunts and trophy elk units that are available in Arizona. We are a full time year round professional Arizona elk hunting outfitter dedicated and fully committed to helping our Arizona elk clients harvest the trophy bull elk of a lifetime.


Our highly experienced and dedicated team of professional Arizona elk guides has many decades of combined trophy elk hunting experience and a fantastic track record for producing giant bull elk for our clients in all of the elk units and elk hunts across the entire state of Arizona. The tremendous amount of resources that our company has at it’s disposal, along with our expansive statewide team of hardworking professional Arizona elk guides, allows us to thoroughly cover all of Arizona’s elk units and elk hunts. We are trophy elk outfitters and trophy elk guides for all of the draw tag elk units on public land in Arizona along with having access to private land in several of these draw tag Arizona elk units.


All of our state licensed professional Arizona elk guides are 100% committed to making your Arizona elk hunt the most successful and enjoyable professional elk hunting experience possible. Every one of our hardworking Arizona elk guides only uses the absolute finest hunting optics and hunting equipment that money can buy on our trophy elk hunts. Our large team of Arizona elk guides are all honest men of integrity who are hardworking, experienced, highly skilled professional elk hunters that are completely committed to upholding the absolute highest ethical and professional standards on our hunts.


Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC works tirelessly all year round to ensure that you will be hunting the absolute finest trophy bull elk that your Arizona elk unit is capable of producing. No stone will be left unturned in preparation for your trophy elk hunt with the Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC Team of trophy elk hunting professionals. Arizona elk tags might only be drawn once in a lifetime for most hunters and the entire team at Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC takes this fact very seriously. Our team of professional Arizona elk guides will treat your long awaited Arizona elk hunt as if it were our very own hunt and will go the extra mile for you in every single aspect of your trophy elk hunt.


When you book a trophy elk hunt with Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC you may end up with as many as 6 or 7 professional Arizona elk guides helping you on your Arizona elk hunt. Every single one of our professional Arizona elk guides is required to stay for the entire length of all of the elk hunts that we book even if their particular client that they are guiding tags out early on a trophy bull. If we have an Arizona elk client that tags out early, their guide is required to assist the next available elk hunter and guide until they also tag out on a trophy bull or their season ends. Our entire company and our entire expansive team of professional Arizona elk guides is at your complete service every time you book a trophy elk hunt with Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC.  Most of the top producing trophy elk hunt units in Arizona are only a few minutes away from where we have been born and raised and the entire Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC Team has acquired an extremely vast knowledge base and a tremendous amount of experience in all of these Arizona elk units over the last several decades. Living so close to these top producing Arizona elk units allows our highly experienced team of Arizona elk guides to spend enormous amounts of time scouting and locating world class trophy bull elk for every single one of our Arizona elk clients.


Not only do we know the Arizona elk country inside and out, the Arizona Elk Outfitters Team of hardworking professional Arizona elk guides also knows how to effectively put these giant Arizona elk on the ground. Being a full time year round guide and outfitter service that is on numerous trophy elk kills year in and year out has given our professional Arizona elk guides a tremendous amount of knowledge and lots of experience in hunting and effectively harvesting the giant bull elk that roam the great state of Arizona. All of our highly experienced professional Arizona elk guides get to put their hands on lots of big Arizona bulls every year and we know how to help you effectively close the deal on these giant Arizona elk.


From the early season Arizona elk hunts in the rut, to the late season Arizona winter elk hunts, and all of the Arizona elk hunts that are in between, Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC works tirelessly all year round and strives to be one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona elk guides and Arizona elk outfitters for your long awaited Arizona elk hunt. Contact us today for an extensive reference list of our many past and recent Arizona elk clients and to discuss how we can help you harvest the trophy bull elk of a lifetime in Arizona this year. Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC is fully licensed, insured, USFS and BLM permitted statewide in Arizona. Look no further than Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC and our dedicated hardworking team of professional Arizona elk guides for premium quality trophy elk hunts in Arizona.

Our results speak for themselves!


Travis McClendon

Travis McClendon

Owner / CEO

Please feel free to contact Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC at any time if you would like to discuss any of the world-class trophy elk hunts that we offer in the great state of Arizona. We would be glad to hear from you and help you set up your very own trophy elk hunt of a lifetime with us in Arizona this coming elk season.

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