Awesome Archery Bulls 2


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Come along with us in pursuit of the new Pope and Young world record Yellowstone elk taken by Shawn Patterson in 2005. Shawn has not hunted with his bow for a lot of days but he has taken two enormous bull elk and you will see both of his hunts.

On his first hunt in 1998 with Travis McClendon he takes a beautiful 6×6 bull elk that scores 364 P&Y points and on the second hunt in 2005 with Levi McClendon he takes the new P&Y typical world record elk, scoring 432 5/8 SCI and 414 Net P&Y points. We follow and film this bull elk for 45 days prior to the harvest. This is incredible footage of the largest typical archery bull elk ever taken on video for a DVD production.

On another hunt join Bob Fromme and John McClendon and watch while John calls in a giant 396 point bull elk from 250 yards to within 8 yards of Bob, who makes a perfect heart shot on this great bull. On the next hunt with David Pierce watch an amazing 6×6 bull elk, that scores 374 5/8 P&Y points, come in from 400 yards out to within 20 yards. We film this bull from two camera angles, one over the shoulder and one from a high knob. This is one of the best elk hunting scenes ever caught on film.

Seven hunts total all archery bull elk ranging from 345 to 414 Pope & Young points. Lots of big bull action rutting, wallowing and just going crazy. Sit back and enjoy another great hunting. All hunts, fair chase – Always!

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