Trophy Elk Hunting – Tricks of the Trade



John and Mike have over 60 years of experience with Trophy Elk Hunting and guiding for trophy bulls and bucks.  Additionally, John and Mike enlist the help from highly successful friends and family members who help them find and hunt giant Trophy Elk!

Trophy Elk Hunting – Tricks of the Trade

We use 10 hunts to show you some of the Tricks Of The Trade. Elk hunting our style. Seven of these elk hunts have never been made available on DVD. They include bull elk scoring from 300 to 370 and are 6×6 or larger!

We have also included 3 amazing archery hunts for bull elk that score between 400 and 414 P&Y points. One is the current, official world record Yellowstone elk, scoring in at 432 gross, 414 points net P&Y. We will bring you each elk hunt as it happened. Real, wild, and fair chase.  Additionally, we bring you bonus footage of bulls that score into the stratosphere and some are still out there waiting for next years hunt!

John McClendon and Mike Whelan will share a combined 60+ years of experience and thousands of hours in the field hunting elk in Tricks Of The Trade.

Over 85 minutes of amazing elk video. All Fair Chase, Always

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