Muley Madness 2


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What do you think of in the fall when you first smell the sage and cliff rose, and the mountain mahogany has begun to turn, or a little bit of snow glistens on the peaks? Mule deer, what else. It has got to be time to hunt some muleys!

Come with us through multiple seasons hunting mule deer in some of the best areas in the West. We’ll take you to AZ, CO, and NV We will take you on rifle and muzzleloader hunts for mule deer bucks that range from huge to “just hunting.” We have years of film, and we will show you every buck we can and tell you where, when and how we found them. If you like to hunt them, then join us on a whole bunch of mule deer hunts. You can’t go wrong “JUST HUNT MULEYS.”

All Fair Chase, Always

95 Minutes of great mule deer hunting

With John McClendon, Travis McClendon, and Mike Whelan

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