Whitetail in the West – Coues Deer Hunting DVD



Whitetail in the West combines Western Whitetail and Western Whitetail Volume 2 (the two best Coues white tailed deer videos videos available) into a single DVD that has been re-edited and re-mastered into the best Coues deer hunting DVD available!

Western Whitetail

Western Whitetail is still considered a classic! John and Mike present over 40 years of hunting and guiding for Coues deer to you along with some great hunts for Boone and Crockett Coues bucks. These hunts were filmed over eight years in Arizona and New Mexico. It includes a hunt with one of the first ever bullet vapor trails seen on video!

Western Whitetail 2

Western Whitetail 2 has more hunts, more in depth hunting knowledge of the Coues white tailed deer. It contains interviews and brings another four years of filming and coues deer hunting footage.

We have included muzzleload hunts, some excellent rattling sequences and more vapor trails! Best of all, we have included huge whitetail, two that gross over 130 points. Finally, a 5×5 taken with a rifle, on film that scores 119 Boone and Crocket points.

If you want to hunt Coues deer, or want to learn how to hunt the ultimate in deer, you need to see this DVD dedicated to the Coues deer.

All Fair Chase, Always

85 Minutes of great Coues deer hunting.

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