Bodacious Archery Bulls


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Bodacious Archery Bulls is one of the premier elk hunting videos available in the market today!

Join legendary guide, John McClendon, along with his friends and family as they share over two decades of Monster Bull Elk hunting in Arizona with you! Get ready for back to back GIANT bulls; we’re talking over twenty years of nothing but the best! You will see more Monster Bulls on this Elk hunting video than any other DVD ever produced! Watch video of these bulls from early Fall (velvet bulls) into mid Fall when the bulls are hard horned and in the rut. You will see incredible hunting video footage of elk rutting, wallowing, fighting and getting up close and personal screaming in your face!

Witness TEN ARCHERY HUNTS captured on video, highlighted by the Current WORLD RECORD P&Y Typical bull, 432 3/8 GROSS and 412 5/8 NET, harvested by Shawn Patterson. You will also see the #2, #5, #6 and #11 RANKED P&Y bulls (ranking of these bulls are the rank they placed at the time of the harvest). If you are an avid hunter, the Bodacious Archery bull elk hunt video is a must for your collection! Brought to you by Cactus Bull Productions. All Fair Chase, always!

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