Muley Classics



We have put together two of our best mule deer videos, Muley Madness and Quest for Trophy Mule Deer, re-edited and re-mastered on DVD into 87 minutes of classic mule deer action.

We have archery hunts, muzzleload, and rifle hunts. These hunts are from some of the finest mule deer hunting areas in the Southwest. We will show you a Pope and Young buck called in and taken with a bow at 20 yards, and a muzzleload buck that scores about 240 points.

You will see a once-in-a-lifetime monster cactus buck, and how and where to hunt these giant bucks.

Both videos are considered classics, but the genes that grew these deer haven’t moved. You may have dreamed of hunting trophy mule deer in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, or Montana. This DVD will show you where and how and you will see what we saw. There are 12 exciting mule deer hunts presented on this DVD.

You need to see this.

All Fair Chase, Always