Awesome Bulls 2


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The sequel to Awesome Bulls, which was recognized as the best big bull elk video on the hunting market.

Seven great elk hunts: 3 archery, 2 black powder and 2 rifle, all huge bulls. Follow along with John McClendon as he archery hunts the “Cactus Bull” This bull would be number 3 in the Pope & Young record book, if it had been entered, it officially scored 395 1/8 net P&Y.

Watch as we take a 7x 6 bull elk that scores 397 Boone and Crockett points, with a rifle. See an incredible fight between two giant bull elk. During the elk fight, watch as archery hunter Steve Polanchak walks up to within 8 yards and arrows one of these huge bulls. This may be the most intense fight scene ever filmed between two huge elk. 65 Minutes All Fair Chase, Always

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