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Arizona Unit 8 Elk: Unit 8 in Arizona is home to a good Arizona elk population and offers Arizona elk hunters the opportunity to harvest either a Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett record book trophy bull elk. On average Unit 8 does not annually produce as many record book elk as Unit 9 or Unit 10 but it has and will continue to produce giant bulls for the elk hunters who are lucky enough to draw one of the coveted trophy elk tags in the rut in Arizona Unit 8.


One of the best late-season trophy elk that Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC has ever produced scored 425 Boone & Crockett points and was taken in Unit 8 during the 2002 late season rifle elk hunt. 2002 was the worst drought year in Arizona history and we estimate that this trophy elk would have been in the 450 Boone & Crockett point range or even better on a good moisture year. Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC also produced a giant 435 inch Boone and Crockett monster elk in Arizona Unit 8 that is featured in the picture at the top of this post. With a 420 inch frame and 15 inches of extras, this fantastic Arizona bull is one of our favorite bull elk that we have ever harvested at Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC. This incredible 435-inch elk that we produced in Unit 8 is currently the #3 non-typical elk in the world taken with a muzzleloader. Unit 8 also has produced the current Pope & Young world record non-typical bull elk that net scores an incredible 442 0/8 inches. This amazing trophy elk was harvested in September 2003 during the archery elk hunt in Arizona Unit 8. As an encore to these 2 giant Arizona elk, the 2004 Arizona elk season saw an archery elk hunter using a recurve bow harvest the current SCI world record archery elk in Unit 8 that scores a mind-blowing 464 3/8 SCI inches. This giant Arizona trophy elk, nicknamed “Godzilla”, was videoed by an Arizona elk hunter during the 2003 Unit 8 archery elk season and was estimated to score over 480 inches that previous year. Arizona’s Unit 8 definitely has the genetics to produce some of the highest-scoring trophy elk to ever walk the face of the earth.


 Unit 8 offers five different bull elk hunts and seasons. The first Unit 8 bull elk hunt of the year in the early season archery elk hunt in the rut begins in early September and runs for 14 days. The elk are in the peak of the rut during this hunt and we feel this is the best opportunity for an Arizona elk hunter to harvest the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Arizona Unit 8 regardless of weapon.


The next elk hunt would be either the Unit 8 early rifle elk hunt or the Unit 8 early muzzleloader elk hunt that begins the day after the archery elk hunt ends. These 2 trophy elk hunts are not offered annually in unit 8 and it varies between early season rifle elk hunts or early season muzzleloader elk hunts when the Arizona Game & Fish department does decide to offer these trophy Arizona elk hunts in Unit 8. If available, this trophy elk hunt is the best hunt for a firearm elk hunter to harvest the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Unit 8. The elk are still rutting during this hunt and many of the trophy bull elk that roam in unit 8 will still be very visible to elk hunters as they rut and chase their harems of cows.


 The third bull elk hunt that Unit 8 offers is the midseason rifle bull elk hunt that takes place in mid-October. This is a post-rut elk hunt that can be difficult as the elk are moving into their late-season winter patterns and are no longer rutting. The fourth bull elk hunt offered in Unit 8 is the late-season archery bull elk hunts that begin in mid-November and run for 14 days. This is a very difficult late season Arizona archery elk hunt but it does offer elk hunters very good tag drawing odds and virtually no hunter pressure. If you can hunt this entire 14-day elk hunt, and do a lot of preseason scouting, and are in excellent physical shape, this can be a good Arizona archery elk hunt that you can draw nearly every year. The last bull elk hunt of the year in Arizona Unit 8 is the late-season general rifle elk hunt that begins in late November and ends in early December. Tags for this late-season Arizona rifle elk hunt in Unit 8 are much easier to draw than the early season elk hunts in the rut but the hunting is much more difficult. The winter terrain that most of the bull elk inhabit in Unit 8 can be extremely rough and getting one out after you have gone down can be a massive undertaking. Be ready for what could be an extremely tough late-season Arizona elk hunt if you apply for this tag.


Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC is very experienced in Arizona Unit 8 and we have been very fortunate to have been able to produce some of the highest-scoring trophy elk to have ever come out of this great Arizona Elk unit. Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC guides and outfits trophy elk hunts in Arizona Unit 8 every single year and have so for decades. Several of our professional Arizona elk guides have been born and raised in Chino Valley Arizona and have lived within minutes of unit 8 for decades. You can rest assured that Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC and our hardworking team of professional Arizona elk guides will provide you with one of the finest opportunities available of harvesting a world-class trophy elk in Arizona Unit 8. The Arizona Elk Outfitters Team of trophy elk hunting professionals has a tremendous amount of resources at our disposal to help you harvest your very own bull elk of a lifetime in Arizona’s Unit 8 this elk season. Being full-time year-round professional Arizona elk outfitters allows our team of Arizona elk hunting professionals to spend enormous amounts of time preseason scouting and locating the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Unit 8.


Please call or email Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC at any time if you would like to discuss Unit 8 Arizona elk hunting. We will ensure that you make the most of your long-awaited Unit 8 elk tag and provide you with a successful and enjoyable professional trophy elk hunting experience.


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