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Unit 7 East Arizona Elk Outfitters

Arizona Unit 7 East Elk: If you are a bowhunter that does not have a lot of bonus points built up for Arizona elk, and have been looking for a good early season Arizona archery elk hunt in the rut to apply for that has lots of elk and good tag drawing odds, look no further than Arizona Unit 7 east. Unit 7 east does not produce a lot of the giant high scoring trophy elk like some of the premier Arizona elk units do but, this is a great Arizona elk unit if you are looking to draw a tag soon and your highest priority is having a lot of fun chasing a bunch of bugling bulls on an Arizona rut elk hunt.


Arizona Unit 7 east has a lot of elk in it and has a lot of bulls that are in the 300 to 340 range. Don’t apply for unit 7 east if your goal is to kill a monster 400-inch elk because you are probably not going to find a bull elk of this caliber in Arizona’s Unit 7 east. There are a few giant elk in Unit 7 east (Like the giant bull elk pictured above that we produced in Unit 7 east) but Arizona elk hunters who draw a tag here shouldn’t count on seeing 390 plus bulls while hunting in this unit. What is very attractive about Arizona elk unit 7 east is that it offers elk hunters very good tag drawing odds even for the early season archery elk hunts in the rut and it has very good numbers and densities of elk. Arizona Unit 7 East also has a pretty good amount of wilderness area that is foot access only that offers great hunting for those hunters that are willing to hoof it and get away from most of the elk hunters and hunting pressure in Unit 7 East. You will have a lot of elk hunting action and plenty of opportunities at bugling bull elk during the early season rut archery bull hunt in Unit 7 east. Unit 7 east is located right outside of Flagstaff, Arizona which allows elk hunters to stay right in town during their hunt in a comfortable hotel with good restaurants should you choose not to camp out during your elk hunt.


One word of caution about hunting elk in unit 7 east though, this elk unit has some very high elevation country that is very steep and can present a very physical challenge to elk hunters who are not in the best of shape. Unit 7 east encompasses the San Francisco Peaks Wilderness area which are some of the highest mountains in Arizona and soars to heights that are nearly 13,000 feet in elevation. The San Francisco Peaks are a wilderness area that allows elk hunters to hunt there on foot access only basis. Not all of Arizona Unit 7 east is high altitude wilderness though, there is plenty of flat and rolling cedar country in unit 7 east that is loaded with elk. If you are not in good enough elk shape to tackle the San Francisco Peaks area there is plenty of great elk country found in Unit 7 East that is not so strenuous to hunt.


There are several different bull elk hunts available to hunters in Unit 7 East. The early season archery bull elk hunts in the rut are far and away the best elk hunts for hunters who are looking to harvest a trophy bull elk out of Unit 7 east this year. New to Unit 7 east is the San Francisco Peaks Area early rifle bull elk hunts in the rut which offers elk hunters good draw odds to hunt trophy Arizona elk with a rifle in the peak of the rut. The next bull elk hunt in unit 7 east is the late-season archery elk hunt that begins in mid-November and is 14 days in length. This late-season Arizona archery elk hunt can be a great opportunity for experienced archers who are in very good physical shape to hunt Arizona bulls on a yearly basis. Plenty of bull elk can be seen on this late archery elk hunt and if a hunter is in good shape they will have a good chance of harvesting a bull elk on this hunt. The late-season general rifle bull elk hunt in Unit 7 east begins the last week of November right after the late archery elk hunts end. This can be a very difficult and very cold weather elk hunt as most of the bull elk tend to be found in some of the highest and most rugged terrain in unit 7 east during this time of the year. Only apply for this late elk hunt if you are in excellent physical shape and don’t mind freezing cold weather and tough hiking.


Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC is very experienced in Arizona Unit 7 east and we have been very fortunate to have been able to produce some great elk for our clients in this Arizona Elk unit. We guide and outfit trophy elk hunts in Unit 7 east every single year and have so for many years. Several of our professional Arizona elk guides have been born and raised in Flagstaff Arizona and have lived within minutes of unit 7 east for decades. You can rest assured that Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC and our team of hardworking highly experienced professional Arizona elk guides will provide you with one of the finest opportunities of harvesting a trophy elk in Unit 7 east. The Arizona Elk Outfitters Team has a tremendous amount of resources at our disposal to help you harvest your very own trophy bull elk out of Unit 7 East this year. Being full-time year-round professional Arizona elk outfitters allows our extensive statewide team of professional Arizona elk guides to spend enormous amounts of time preseason scouting and locating the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Unit 7 east for you.


Please call or email Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC at any time if you would like to discuss Unit 7 east Arizona elk hunting. We will ensure that you make the most of your long-awaited Unit 7 east elk tag and provide you with a successful and enjoyable professional trophy elk hunting experience.


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