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Arizona Unit 6B Elk: Unit 6B in Arizona is home to a great population of Rocky mountain elk with good elk densities occurring throughout most of the different habitat types found in unit 6B. Unit 6B is not really known for producing giant 400 inch elk but it has lots of elk in it and produces lots of trophy Arizona elk that are in the 300 to 330 range. The upper two thirds of Arizona Unit 6B generally will hold the highest concentrations of elk and most hunters that hunt unit 6B for elk will tend to congregate and concentrate their efforts in the higher elevation pine tree country that is found there.


 While unit 6B is not generally very well known as a premier trophy Arizona elk unit, it is nonetheless an elk unit that prospective elk hunters need to consider when you are thinking about applying for Arizona elk tags if they do not have many bonus points. Unit 6B offers great draw odds for non resident Arizona elk tags and can be drawn fairly regularly without having maximum bonus points built up for Arizona elk. Elk hunters who draw an Arizona elk tag here will encounter decent sized bulls and good numbers numbers of elk on both the early archery elk and rifle elk seasons as well as the late season winter elk hunts in unit 6B as well. There is a good sized wilderness area that is very rugged in Unit 6B that is only accessible by horseback or foot travel. This wilderness area that is found in Unit 6B can provide excellent trophy elk opportunities with low hunter pressure for elk hunters who are interested in hunting the late season rifle elk hunt in unit 6B.


 Most of the bull elk that are found in Unit 6B are usually going to be in the 300 to 330 range score wise although this unit has produced a handful of absolute giant bulls over the years. Any time that you are hunting elk in Arizona you have the potential of running into a giant bull elk in every unit that has elk in this state. There really is no such thing as a “bad” elk unit in Arizona. The entire state of Arizona has incredible trophy elk genetics and giant trophy elk can turn up anywhere that elk are found in the state. Unit 6B is bordered on the north by Arizona Unit 7 West and by the Camp Navajo Army Depot. Unit 6B is also bordered by Unit 8 on its western side. If you are looking to go on some Arizona elk hunts sooner rather than later, and do not want to wait for years and years to draw a tag, you would do well to consider applying for a Unit 6B elk tag if you do not have many bonus points.


Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC is very experienced in Arizona Unit 6B and we have been very fortunate to have been able to produce great trophy elk in this Arizona Elk unit. We guide and outfit trophy elk hunts in Unit 6B every season and have so for many years. Several of our professional Arizona elk guides have been born and raised in Flagstaff Arizona and have lived within minutes of unit 6B for decades. You can rest assured that Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC will provide you with one of the finest opportunities available for harvesting your very own trophy elk in Unit 6B. Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC has a tremendous amount of resources at our disposal to help you harvest your very own trophy bull elk of a lifetime this year. Being full time year round professional Arizona elk outfitters allows our expansive statewide team of professional Arizona elk guides to spend enormous amounts of time preseason scouting and locating the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Unit 6B for you.


Please call or email Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC at anytime if you would like to discuss Unit 6B Arizona elk hunting. We will ensure that you make the most of your long awaited Unit 6B elk tag and provide you with a successful and enjoyable professional trophy elk hunting experience.


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