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Unit 23 Arizona Elk Outfitters

Arizona Unit 23 Elk: Unit 23 in Arizona is home to a great population of elk and offers the lucky elk hunters who are fortunate enough to be able to draw an elk tag in this unit a good opportunity to possibly harvest a Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett caliber trophy bull elk. Unit 23 is located east of Payson on the famed Mogollon Rim country of Northern Arizona and is bordered by the world-famous White Mountain Apache Reservation along its eastern border. The White Mountain Apache Reservation has a very long and very well known history of producing some of the largest trophy elk ever harvested in the world. The many elk herds that reside in Unit 23 are very fortunate to be able to be included in this incredible trophy elk gene pool due to its close proximity to the reservation and due to the giant bull elk that occasionally crosses over into the unit from the reservation.


Unit 23 is definitely a very good choice when deciding which Arizona elk unit to apply for in your quest to harvest a high scoring trophy bull elk. Some of the elk hunts in this unit are split into two different halves: Unit 23 North and Unit 23 South. Unit 23 North has a higher elk population than Unit 23 South and has much easier terrain to hunt elk in and better road access. The southern portion of unit 23 has much rougher terrain and doesn’t have as high elk densities but trophy elk have been harvested in both sections of Arizona unit 23. Like the rest of the best elk units in Arizona, unit 23 offers interested elk hunters both early season archery elk hunts and rifle elk hunts in the rut along with the late-season archery and rifle elk hunts during the winter months of November and December.


The early season archery elk hunt in the rut is a relatively new elk hunt that has only been in existence in unit 23 for the last few years. We feel that this is the best elk hunt, regardless of weapon, to try to take a record book Arizona trophy bull elk in unit 23. The elk are going to be in the peak of the rut during this hunt and will be very visible as they bugle and fight the many other rutting bulls while trying to add as many cows as they can to their breeding harem. These unit 23 Arizona elk tags are highly sought after and are very difficult to draw but they are definitely worth the wait. The other rut hunt for elk that is offered in Unit 23 is the early rifle elk hunt that starts right after the early archery elk hunt is over. This tag is also extremely difficult to draw but it does offer rifle hunters an excellent rut elk hunt with a very good chance of harvesting a high-scoring trophy Arizona bull elk. The late-season archery elk hunts in Arizona Unit 23 offer elk hunters very good tag drawing odds but the elk hunting during this season is very tough. Only apply for this late-season archery elk tag if you are an experienced archer and can spend the entire 14 day season hunting.


The Unit 23 late season rifle elk hunt is one of, if not the premier, late-season rifle elk hunts in the state of Arizona. Late season elk hunts can sometimes be very difficult but the late season rifle elk hunt in Unit 23 offers hunters a good chance at harvesting a trophy bull elk during this hunt. Unit 23 is one of our favorite late season elk hunts in the state of Arizona. We highly recommend putting in for this Unit 23 late elk hunt if you do not have a lot of bonus points built up to have a chance of drawing one of the much harder to draw rut elk hunts. If you do not want to wait for many years to draw one of the early season rut elk hunts, but you still would like to hunt high-quality Arizona bulls sometime soon, you would do well to consider applying for the late season rifle elk hunt in Arizona Unit 23.


Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC is very experienced in Arizona Unit 23 and we have been very fortunate to have been able to produce great trophy elk for our clients in this Arizona Elk unit. We guide and outfit trophy elk hunts in Unit 23 every season and have so for many years. Several of our professional Arizona elk guides have been born and raised in Payson Arizona and have lived within minutes of unit 23 for decades. You can rest assured that Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC and our highly experienced team of Arizona elk hunting professionals will provide you with one of the finest opportunities available for harvesting a world-class trophy elk in Unit 23. Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC has a tremendous amount of resources at our disposal to help you harvest the bull of a lifetime in Unit 23. Being full time year-round professional Arizona elk outfitters allows our extensive statewide team of professional Arizona elk guides to spend enormous amounts of time preseason scouting and locating the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Unit 23 for you.


Please call or email Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC at any time if you would like to discuss Unit 23 Arizona elk hunting. We will ensure that you make the most of your long-awaited Unit 23 elk tag and provide you with a successful and enjoyable professional trophy elk hunting experience.


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