Zero Guide Fees is a simple enrollment fee of $350.00 per year until you draw your coveted Arizona tag.  The Arizona Elk Outfitter’s Team will then guide you from 5 to 14 days on a fully outfitted 1×1 hunt with NO additional fees.  When you enroll in the Zero Guide Fee option there are no guide fees to pay, ever!  However, you will receive the full benefit and quality service that TEAM AEO has provided their clients over the past 25 years.  Put your mind at ease by never having to pay expensive outfitter fees when you draw your coveted Arizona tag and unlike traditional guide fees your “enrollment fee” never goes up.

Currently a traditional 7 day fully guided 1×1 hunt with TEAM AEO starts at $6000.00.  However when you enroll in our ZGF option you would be paying $350.00 per year.  If the average wait was 6 years your total investment is only $2100.00 for a fully guided 7 day 1×1 hunt. So you can choose to do a fully guided 7 day 1×1 hunt the traditional way for $6000.00 or use the ZGF option for $2100.00.  As you can see this is the best and least expensive way to hunt giant animals in the great state of Arizona. So don’t miss out join now!


  • $350.00 per year & pay NO guide fees when you draw!
  • $0.90 per day – That’s less than a cup of coffee
  • Your TOTAL # of guided days will increase over time
  • Your $350.00 per year will never go up until you draw
  • Pay over time – Not all at once
  • Receive the full benefit & quality services of TEAM AEO

Whats the first step?

Signing up is easy! Just click on “JOIN NOW” take 5 minutes & fill out our easy step-by-step form. We will guide you through all of your choices & give you the opportunity to join for a LOW annual payment.  Don’t know which units or areas to apply for? Don’t worry for additional $25.00 we will take care of the state application process for you and make certain you are applied for areas that produce the kinds of  trophy’s you are looking for. Hiring a reputable outfitter has never been easier or cheaper.

What happens next?

Tell ZGF your first two unit choices you will be applying for this year. If you are not familiar with the units don’t worry we are, just answer the additional questions before checking out & that’s it. You will receive an email confirming your membership and also add additional species to your plan if you choose.  The following year on your membership anniversary you will receive an email alerting you that ZGF will be charging your card again for the new year. You will be able to change any part of your profile at this time. This will repeat every year until you draw. You will be able cancel at anytime for any reason. Once you join you will now have peace of mind knowing that, not only do you have one of the best outfits in Arizona to guide you when you draw your coveted tag but more importantly the hunt is covered by Zero Guide Fees. No worries and no fuss.


Click on the “BENEFIT” tab to view the # of hunting days you will receive from the time you join to the time you draw. Remember you receive more hunting days over time so signing up sooner rather than later will definitely benefit you in the long run.


What units do you specialize in?

Are team of professional guides specialize in many units including 12a west, 12a east, 12b, 12b west, 13a, 13b, 10, 18a, 18b, 17b, 17a, 19b, 19a, 6a, 6b, 20a

What are the quialifications to recieve my benefits?
  • Must be a Non – Resident
  • To qualify for 2015 you must make your payment before the Az application deadline ends. For example: If you want to hunt mule deer then you will need to have made your payment before the States Deadline in June. If payment is made after the deadline then you will be covered for the following year.
  • You must be current on your payments for ZGF to outfit your hunt
How does the state application work in Arizona?

If you have never applied in the state of Arizona before but are thinking about it here are some things you may need to know.

  1. You must buy 1 hunting license every year (Non-Resident 160.00). This hunting license covers any and all species for that year.
  2. Once you have acquired a hunting license then you be able to apply for any of the big game species when the online application period starts. Typically the deadline for elk & antelope is the first week in Feb. and for Deer & Sheep is first week in June.
  3. Its important that you apply for a species or at least accrue a bonus point. A bonus point (or in laymen’s terms is “putting in more raffle tickets to increase your odds of getting drawn) basically is given to you for the following year if you do not draw for the species you applied for. Every year you do not draw the state will give you another “Bonus Point” or another name in the hat. Eventually once you have enough points built up you will get drawn. You can find more about how it works at https://azgfdportal.az.gov/
  4. If this is confusing to you and want us to take care of the application/Bonus points for you we can. Just follow the step by step instructions.  We will buy your hunting license and bonus points or you so there will be no worries about missing deadlines or were to apply.
Do I have to be a ZGF member for a certain amount of time before my hunt is covered?

No, all members are covered as soon as they pay for their first month or first year. You will not have to be with us for a certain amount of seasons before you become active. It is possible to draw your first time in our system.

Can I hunt anywhere in the state?

You will be given a 1st & 2nd choice these choices must match the Arizona Game & Fish Application that you applied for or will be applying for. However ZGF can do this for you if you so choose.

Can I apply with another hunter who is not a ZGF member?

Yes, you can apply with another partner, a family member or a friend even if they are not a member. We still cover you hunt.

How long will it take to draw a tag in Arizona?

This depends on several different variables. Depending on species, weapon choice, unit choices and number of bonus points will effect how long to draw. The more bonus points you accrue the better your chances.